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Keya Garlic Bread Seasoning |All Natural & Healthy Spice Blend| Glass Bottle | Premium Herbs and Spices 50gm


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Garlic Bread Seasoning Garlic Bread Seasoning

The Power of Garlic

KEYA Garlic Bread Seasoning comes with a rich and distinct garlic flavour with a buttery flare. It gives a wonderful herb-like aroma that elevates the taste of garlic bread. The oregano and chives complement the texture of the bread, whether that is soft or crunchy. The ingredients can be directly sprinkled on the bread or mix with butter to give a fine, chewy paste that can be used as a dry rub on the garlic bread. Apart from garlic bread, the seasoning can also be sprinkled on top of pizza and pasta to give a buttery garlic flavour and sweet aroma.

Garlic Bread SeasoningGarlic Bread Seasoning

Garlic Bread Recipe. Make Garlic Bread at Home:


1. Preheat oven to 175°C (350°F), Cut the bread in half down the middle

2. Take the garlic cloves and mash it

3. Mix KEYA Garlic Bread Seasoning with butter and mashed garlic in a bowl for a delicious spread

4. Apply the spread over the two pieces of bread

5. Put the bread in the oven for 10 mins

6. Leave it in until the edges of the bread begin to toast and the bread turns golden brown

7. Remove the hot garlic bread from the oven

8. Sprinkle some KEYA Garlic Bread Seasoning for an enhanced taste

9. Serve Hot and Enjoy



Started in 2009 with a goal in mind, KEYA Food’s aims to create a new outlook for everyday food. With its products ranging from a wide variety of premium herbs, spices, seasonings, grinders, soups and pasta, the list does not stop there. Keya always endeavours to bring in new products with its own unique touch making it stand out from the competitors. Utilizing the best ingredients, the highest safety standards and automated processes thus making our product the preferred choice for home chefs all over the country.

Contains Freeze dried herbs are used to retain the premium quality of the product
Keya Garlic Bread Seasoning is a perfect accompaniment for your meals,
Packed in easy to use and store bottles
No preservatives, no fillers, no additives, no anti-caking agents, no MSG


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