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Farmown Pure Indian Vanilla Extract 100ml

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FarmOwn All Natural Indian Vanilla Beans Extract 100ml
Brand : Farmown
Item : Natural India Vanilla Extract
Quantity : 100 mL.
Real natural vanilla essence – extract for baking, cooking, ice cream, cakes, shakes etc (Real natural vanilla extract – extracted from Indian vanilla beans)..
Ingredients : Real Indian vanilla beans extracts, Propylene glycol.
Vanilla is an extremely popular ingredient in many different culinary preparations around the world, and the scent of vanilla is unmistakable to most people. This flavoring is derived from the orchids of the Vanilla genus, which bears fruits that are shaped like pods. These pods can range in size from 5-22cm in length and are considered of a higher quality when they are larger. However, these pods must be hand-picked at precisely the right time to ensure that the seed pods don’t pop and that they are properly ripe. Harvesting the pods is a time-intensive process, but there is a global demand for vanilla in many different forms, not only for its use in food preparation but also in natural healing.
Vanilla gives a delicious aroma and taste to baked goods and sweets. The scent of pure vanilla is almost intoxicating. But, vanilla provides far more than just an accent to your sweet treats. Pure vanilla extract offers a variety of health benefits with minimal calorie impact.

Natural Vanilla Extract – Extracted from Indian Vanilla beans
Ingredients : Real Indian Vanilla extracts & Propylene glycol
Natural vanilla beans extract / essence for baking, cooking, ice cream, cakes, shakes etc..
Package Content : FarmOwn Natural Real Indian Vanilla Beans Extract – 100ml packed in glass bottle with euro dropper cap.


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