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Hollywood Secrets Pure Almond Liquid Extract 50ml

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Hollywood Secrets Liquid Botanical Extract 50ml for Skin, Face and Hair.
High Concentration: Hollywood Secrets Liquid botanical extracts are highly concentrated forms of plant constituents, capturing the active compounds present in the plant material.
Extraction Methods: Hollywood Secrets Extracts employs a scientific formulation method, extracting plant constituents with precision using propylene glycol and distilled water.
Bioavailability: Hollywood Secrets Liquid extracts often have enhanced bioavailability, meaning that the body can absorb and utilize the active compounds more efficiently compared to other forms.
Long Shelf Life: Hollywood Secrets botanical liquid extracts have a longer shelf life compared to some other forms of botanical preparations. The extraction process often removes water and other perishable components, contributing to increased stability.
Made in India: Potent botanical extracts, meticulously crafted in India, offering concentrated benefits in liquid form for wellness.


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