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Tassyam Star Anise 100g | Premium, Whole & Natural Spice

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Product Description

Tassyam’s Star Anise is rich in antioxidants, improves digestion, alleviates cramps. An exotic spice that you just can’t skip

tassyam gusto hingwale exotic teas coffee luxury dry fruits select hing spices teawerytassyam gusto hingwale exotic teas coffee luxury dry fruits select hing spices teawery

A Family Brand

Gusto Spicerie by Tassyam. The word comes from the French word “Épicerie”, which means grocery and an archaic english word “Spicery”, which refers to a repository of spices. Tassyam is the world’s first unconventional and amalgamated Tea brand with a focus on providing a holistic experience to the consumer. Owing to our experience of blending teas with flowers and spices, along with the help of sommeliers and chefs in Europe, we have now launched some delicious fruit blends and raw spices. We follow the ethics of Late Sri Lala Ram Dev ji who opened shop in the alleys of Old Delhi in 1940 and swore to treat his customers like family and with love. Now, with over 70 years in the food industry, at this 4th generation iteration, our focus is on working on quality and not on margins. We like to pass on as much margins as possible to our artisans and our clients so we can achieve our ultimate goal i.e. to make premium foods and beverages available to everyone. You are made up of what you eat, and we want the best for you.

“Hingwale” Hing

Our Hing is prepared using secret recipes developed and perfected by Lala Ramdev Ji “Hingwale” in 1940. Using a blend of traditional methods and modern technologies, we create products so unique and impeccable that even we can’t better them. These recipes have been handed over from generation to generation and require both hard-work and a colossal amount of passion to be perfectly effectuated.

Tassyam spicesTassyam spices

Spice Collection

Raw, fresh spices sourced indigenously directly from the plantations pan-India. Checkout the entire range of Pure and strong whole or powdered spices. New: Tassyam’s Powdered Quick & Natural Seasonings

Dried & Dehydrated Fruit Mixes

These dry fruit treats are a great alternative to candies and synthetic sweets. We’ve used only the highest grade dry fruits and hand-blended them develop some truly unique flavour profiles.


Our food products are sourced directly from the producers. Stringent quality control processes are put in place to assure freshness and flavour. Taking it a notch further, our products go through multiple tasting sessions in India and also in Hungary where our partner chefs make sure that the flavours, the textures and the aroma is suitable for our clients, who want nothing but the best. These chefs also help us in developing the perfect blends and mixtures to bring out and highlight each flavour.


We believe that quality should be consistent throughout the product. So, we decided to be the only food brand that focuses on quality inside-out! To achieve this, we make sure that the design also correspond to what the consumer finds inside. That’s why the designs are lively and fresh, yet simple and minimalistic. Just like our products 😉 Our packaging also keeps your nuts, berries, fruits and spices fresh with its tough jars and custom fitted wad sealing. The utmost care dedicated to the production and packaging results in impeccable perfection and exclusivity.

tassyam spices masalatassyam spices masala

About the Startup Pallavi Gupta Design Lead Ayush Gupta Founder and CEO Tamás Leidal Co-founder

Describe your products in three words.

Made With Love

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

The seed was always there to serve the customers and love for Tea & Gourmet Foods came in naturally; launching our own brand was something that just happened after getting the right opportunity during our masters studies at ESCP Europe in Spain. We noticed that there’s a wide variety of cuisines, good food and great wine in Europe. But one of the things that were missing was good Tea. Now, since India is the source for some of the world’s finest teas, it became our duty to bring these to all over the world. Our stint started out as a small project during our specialisation in entrepreneurship, but then this passion made us explore further and launch more and more fine products.

What makes your product special?

What makes your product special? Did you know that each snowflake is unique? That’s how the nature intends it to be. And so are our products 😉 We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and then we create these exclusive and bespoke products. Hygiene and a personal touch are top priority. This allows us to pick and prepare amazing products with the best ingredients and in the best conditions. We try to steer away for machined produces and make sure that we pour in our hearts while getting your teas and munchies hand-picked and hand-blended. As we continue our journey to discover this perfection, we invite you to share this alluring experience with us.

What has been the best part of your experience?

While working, we get to savour the Teas and dehydrated and dry-fruit mixes, get to use Teawery products and be surrounded with all the things that we adore. It’s not like work, it’s like reading a very interesting book, and every day opens a new chapter for us. At Gusto1940, we are working in an industry that we’re super passionate about and that makes every day a fun day. PS: We love Mondays! 😉

Rich in antioxidants, improves digestion, alleviates cramps,
Add to thai dishes, tangerine cherry cranberry sauce, spicy cous cous, salads and chai
Storage instructions: Store in a cool and dry place
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