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looms & weaves – Organically Grown Dry Bay Leaves – 50 gm

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Dry Bay Leaves Bay leaf isone of the most recognized culinary leaf-spices obtained from the tree species belonging to the genus Cinnamomum.Cinnamon, anotherspice is obtained from the inner bark of these trees. FreshBay leaves are hand-picked, thoroughly washed, sun-dried, and packed with utmost care to reach our valuable customers in its purest form. Bay leaves have a characteristic fragrance and flavor for which they are used as a spice in various dishes as well as an ingredient in garam masala.Bay leaves do not have a loud flavor like cinnamon or star anise. But when added its subtle earthy flavor complements the whole dish.It is a favorite spice of many cuisines including the Indian and the Western. It is often added to soups, sauces, stews, curries, and broths for their distinctive aroma and flavor. They are also used for seasoning and pickling purpose.
Original cinnamon leaves, shade dried
Dried and packed with exceptional care
Gives a pleasant aroma and enhances taste when added to dishes
Good for digestion, diabetics and other related health disorders. it is good for cold and infection.


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