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La Aromatic Chicken Seasoning Powder-100 Grams-Real and Flavourful

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Flavorful chicken broth doesn’t require a lot of time to enjoy. La Aromatic Chicken Flavor Seasoning can be used in place of broth and you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference. Use for soups or simmer with chicken to bring out a richer taste. Store on a dry shelf—no refrigeration required.
Full chicken flavor without the wait
This can be used as a seasoning powder or can be used to prepare chicken broth
This product provides instant chicken aroma and a fuller, richer chicken flavour
Chicken Seasoning Powder with a genuine chicken taste is an ideal marinade, seasoning and soup base for meat, seafood, vegetables, hot pots, casseroles, congee, noodles, pasta, chicken flavoured rice and cream sauce. Its unique formula enhances the delicious taste of food.


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