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Godka Organic Whole White Pepper/Sabut Safed Mirch,200g

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Product Description

Godka White Pepper

white pepperwhite pepper

White Peppercorn

White pepper grows in tropical Asian countries. Black pepper and white pepper both come from the same plant. But they are prepared differently. Black pepper is made by cooking the dried unripe fruit. White pepper is made by cooking and drying the ripe seeds.People take white pepper by mouth to treat upset stomach, diarrhea, and many other conditions and White pepper contains a chemical called piperine. This chemical seems to have many effects in the body.White pepper is added to foods and drinks to add flavor and White pepper essential oil is used in aromatherapy.

white mariwhite mari

Usage of White Pepper

White pepper is often used in dishes that need a peppery bite but where you don’t want black flecks, such as in white sauces and potato dishes.In Chinese cuisine, ground white pepper is used to add flavor to soups marinades for meat and poultry and It is different from black or Sichuan peppercorns.

Whole White Pepper(White Mari)


Health Benefits of White Pepper

White Pepper Improves the low Appetite.It Prevents Respiratory Disorder.White Pepper use to Reduce Blood Pressure.It is Increase the Stamina and Prevents from Inflammation.White Peppercorn also Improve Brain Function and Prevents from Headache.

White pepper can be used for preparing a wide variety of dishes, including salads, sausages, etc.


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