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ESSENCIO SHOP Indian White Sage 8 Bundles Smudging Sticks (6 Inches) – 8 Pieces of 27-33 Grams Each Removes Negativity

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Sage is being used for 100 of year. It is sacred herb which is use for cleansing, purifying in many culture. People make its incoction also for healing. Sage is being burned and smoke is spreaded for clearing and protection. Its a natural incense. When you burn it, its smoke attached itself to heavy negative energy and when you open window. It takes away negativity. You can burn sage in heatproof bowl made of iron/ mud/ abalone shell. Be safe and open windows At times you may feel smell very irritant, its not the smell of sage but the negativity which is surrounding your aura. We insist you to regularly use it for 4 weeks and remove negativity from your aura and space. Disclaimer : Indian sage has its own unique fragrance, when you use it in beginning you would not understand. It doesn’t have fruity and sweet smell. It is used for clear negativity only so use it on purpose, afterwards you can use room freshner if you don’t like fragrance. But let it work for you by removing negativity from your space. Still if you don’t like it. Contact us directly we would help you.
Sage Smudge home twice a week, it was used by ancient Gurus, and now has become tradition of every household. Instead of aritificial agarbatti people use pure offering to their deities
Sage is known to remove negativity from aura and home space
Sage is natural herb, no other fragrance is mixed with it.
Sage is used with other fragrance herbs, if you want to have pleasant fragrance
When you burn any dried petal, or leave what you get is smoke and from ancient rituals this smoke has believed to have lot of healing power, that is why monks, and healer use it. Its not an artificial fragrance, which will spread sweet smell. Use this to purify space and see results at energy level not fragrance level


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