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Chai Chun Clove Protect Masala Chai (Pack of 1) – 250 Gm | A blend of high elevation Assam CTC tea, black pepper, dried ginger and clove |

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Product Description

About Chai Chun

Chai Chun is a celebration of the rich, diverse, and many-splendored culture of tea drinking. Sourced from India’s finest tea gardens, we offer tea in all its varied flavours, aromas, and hues. At Chai Chun, tea lovers like you can select quality tea in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Whatever the mood or the occasion, we have the perfect tea to suit your mood like GREEN TEA, BLACK TEA , OOLONG TEA , WHITE TEA , FLAVOUR TEA, and WELLNESS TEA . So whether you want a cup that rejuvenates and refreshes, soothes and relaxes, builds immunity and enhances wellbeing, or simply a cup to enjoy while relaxing with a book, you’ll find them here. Get Finest Teas Online under one roof.

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assam darjeeling  ctc teaassam darjeeling  ctc tea

Know about CTC Tea

The preparation of CTC tea basically refers to the processing of Black Tea. As the name suggests, ‘CTC’ means Crush, Tear, and Curl. The leaves are processed through a cylindrical roller, and gradually they are converted to small granules that we know as CTC Tea.

Clove Protect Features of CTC Tea The blend come from upper belts of Assam with dried ginger, clove and black pepper Assam CTC is rich in antioxidants, having health benefits The ingredients serve a warm taste besides being helpful for cough & cold

Our Certifications

Darjeeling tea certificationDarjeeling tea certification

assam tea certificationassam tea certification

nilgiri tea certificationnilgiri tea certification

Kangra tea certificationKangra tea certification

Darjeeling tea certification

Assam tea certification

Nilgiri tea certification

Kangra tea certification

ctc assam teactc assam tea

What is special about CTC?

Besides being a strong beverage, Assam CTC has a lot of health benefits. It is good for your digestive system and helps fight cancerous cells without damaging other cells, also keeping you hydrated always.

wide variety pocket- friendly teawide variety pocket- friendly tea

Wide range of premium Teas as Pocket- Friendly budgets

We produce teas from the top gardens of Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, and Sikkim including the CTC, Masala, orthodox, flavored and immunity boosters. Each one of them has its unique flavor and taste. We are constantly thriving to bring in a wide range of variants for you on a pocket-friendly budget.

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Extensive outlets

Not only do we serve online, but, also have a wide number of outlets in various cities like Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kolkata, Udaipur, Bangalore, Gurugram, Asansol, Dimapur. That is not all, we offer a tea school known as ” Chai Veda”, where we provide courses on tea testing and detailed learning about the tea industry.

Tea Form: Granules
Flavor: Natural Spices
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