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Zero Cholesterol Special Hand Picked and Home Made Garam Masala Powder (200 grams)

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Think Health Think Lead free

lead free organic spiceslead free organic spices

zero cholesterol garam masalazero cholesterol garam masala

lead free turmeric powderlead free turmeric powder

Clean Earth Company

“We are inspired by the beautiful and plush surroundings of sahayadri mountains While going on a road trip we friends decided to camp out at the foothills of sahayadri mountains. During our camp excursion we came across varied flours and fauna which were unheard of , inspired by our trip in the lap of sahayadri we started thinking of the richness and the purity of the crops growing around us and what value it brings to our daily life We are bombarded daily with food products that are subjected to adulteration right from the seed level to the processing level that leads to unhealthy lifestyle eventually leading to lifestyle complications this is our small effort to give the community the purest form of unadulterated agricultural produce from the foothills of our sahayadris our produce are grown on virgin black land of sahayadris and pristine waters/ spring of sahayadri mountain range. We encourage you to join our family and come closer back to the nature “

Zero Cholesterol Special Garam Masala

Traditionally grounded ,Hand Picked and home made garam masala

Garam masala is perfect blend of Indian Spices for all food lovers

This gives rich flavour to all food dishes

Lead free Turmeric

Enjoy the taste of lead free turmeric

Lead free turmeric grown in rich black cotton soil of Sahyadri foothills

Turmeric Powder pack of 100 gm

Tradtionally Grounded,Hand Picked and home made garam Masala
Garam Masala is a perfect blend of Indian spices for all the food lovers
This Indian masala is extensively used to add flavours, colour and an impeccable restaurant-touch any vegetable.
This gives a rich flavour to any dishes.
Weight: 200 grams


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