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Wingreens Farms Spread Chipotle, 180 g

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Product Description

Wingreens Farms Chipotle Dip is everything your sandwich or chip desires! Enjoy this spicy dip with fish or prawns, as a side dish to your chips, or even as a marinade at your next barbecue party, Wingreens Farms Chipotle Dip is tasty in multiple forms! Wingreens Farms’ Signature Dips are traditionally handmade with the choicest of ingredients to offer the consumer a unique taste with a burst of flavour. Our dips are made fresh every single day and are perfect for healthy snacking!


Wingreens Farms’ vision is to become the perfect model organization while resolving some of the biggest deadlocks that have paralyzed Indian society & industry for centuries. Through demonstration along with education, Wingreens Farms provides farmers with additional avenues of income by employing them and members of their families by shifting the first level of processing to the farms itself. In doing so, the farmers are no longer at the mercy of middlemen in the agriculture sector. Wingreens Farms has developed packages of practices for over 100 crops including herbs, vegetables and flowers that restore the ecological balance of the soil and naturally negate the use of pesticides and chemicals, while hugely increasing productivity. The ‘WIN’ in Wingreens stands for “Women’s Initiative Network” and forms another cornerstone of the organization, which aims to empower women both financially and emotionally. At the Wingreens Farms Training Institute, rural and semi-urban women are given expert, certified skill training in the fields of food technology, food hygiene and food processing, thus providing them with an array of employment opportunities with Wingreens Farms and beyond. Wingreens Farms believes that by enriching people and the land around us, an organization can grow profitable and successful in a short amount of time.

Traditionally Handmade!

Our Signature Dips are handmade everyday with the freshest choice of ingredients! Experience the unique freshness of Wingreens Farms Signature Dips with every bite.

Healthy Snacking!

Wingreens Farms Signature Dips are not only delectable but also a healthier alternative to snacking. Healthy snacking never tasted so good!

Irresistibly Delicious!

Wingreens Farms’ signature range of dips can provide that extra boost of flavour to just about any meal. They are delightfully good and we promise you won’t be able to put them down!

About the Startup Anju C. Srivastava Founder & MD Arjun Srivastava Co-Founder

Describe your products in three words.

Farm Fresh | Healthy | Delicious

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

In 2011, to find a larger market for a farm full of basil, Anju Srivastava came up with the idea of making fresh basil pesto in the supermarket – that’s how India was introduced to the concept of farm fresh food and beverages!

What makes your product special?

All Wingreens products are handmade the traditional way by underprivileged women who have been brought out of their homes and trained to make world class products that can beat the best 5-star chefs at their game. The products are made fresh every day in an innovative production facility in Gurgaon under the supervision of highly experienced food technologists.

What has been the best part of your experience?

The mission, to create a new business model that marries the concept of social good and environmental sustainability while delighting your taste buds, continues to be the driving force of the company and all its employees. Our journey has just begun! Stay tuned to see many new food and beverage products with the trusted stamp from Wingreens that you have grown to trust and love – farm fresh, healthy, and always delicious!

Handmade fresh everyday
Spicy, Creamy, Flavourful, Smoky
Slather on your meats, sandwiches, burgers, salads, vegetables and more!


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