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Swiss Naturals Bay Leaves Whole | Dry Bay Leaf | Tej Patta | Tamal Patra, 100g

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Bay leaves are commonly found in biryani, pulao, soups, curries and most Indian dishes. The presence of vitamin A and C along with folic acid and various minerals in bay leaf makes it a nutrient-dense herb.
Also known as tej patta, this culinary herb makes for an integral part of the Indian cuisine, thanks to its distinctive flavour and fragrance.
Benefits : 1. Helps In Improving Digestion 2. Heart-Friendly 3. A Herb Perfect For Diabetics 4. Acts As A Stress-Buster 5. Protects Your Body From Inflammation 6. Natural Wound Healer
Spices by Swiss Naturals are completely free from artificial colours and preservatives. Our spices give you the goodness, flavours & aroma that come from pure and unadulterated spices. Add them to your delicious food recipes to infuse a punch of flavour without compromising on your health.
All our packs are hygienically packed while maintaining strict quality standards to rule out chances of bug infestation or any other kind of contamination.


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