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Sitara Foods Kothimeera Cilantro Leaves Pickle Achar Andhra Style Home Made 1000 Grams Pack

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Product Description

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Why we need to buy from Sitara Foods?

Good Food gives Good Mood & Good Mood Gives Health & Wealth

If you are looking for cheap unhealthy food products then this is not a place for you. Our products are made from premium quality locally sourced ingredients, prepared with utmost care. So Yes, we don’t compromise on the quality of our products and hope our customer won’t too and is why our products are little expensive. Quality comes at a cost.

Kothimeera leaves pickleKothimeera leaves pickle

About the Product

This kothimeera pachadi / coriander achar or pickle has its yummy taste and when added with spices will relish one’s taste buds. In process of making the pickle, Kothimeera /coriander is lightly fried in oil and all other ingredients along with it and then crushed into a coarse grainy paste and then the oil-fried mustard seeds and other ingredients are added.

Vegetarian pickles were also available in different variantsVegetarian pickles were also available in different variants

Be it spring, summer, fall, or winter, an all seasonal, tongue-tickling, tasty side dish that makes every meal of your family complete is pickles. And when it is home-made, hand-made & vinegar-free, it entirely adds extra zest to your life.

An ideal blend of impeccably aromatic spices, oils & fresh quality vegetables, free from artificial colors, preservatives & additives make our vegetarian pickles delicious & palatable for people of all age groups – pregnant women to cure morning sickness, kids & elders as an appetizer. Flavor your meals all three times a day with nutrition-rich, gut-friendly, probiotics-filled, naturally fermented, energy-boosting veg pickles. The list of yummy, finger-licking pickles we make out of fresh veggies is endless but a few on the top-notch list are

Mango PickleGreen Chilli PickleKothimeera Pickle ((Coriander Leaves)Lemon PickleMango Thokku PickleRed Chilli PickleBrinjal PickleGinger PickleGongura Red Chilli PickleCurry Leaves PickleBitter Gourd PickleChinthakaya Red Chilli PickleAmla Thokku Pickle

Key Features

Naturally Hand MadeNaturally Hand Made

Made with high quality ingredientsMade with high quality ingredients

there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.

Many happy and satisfied customers in and around IndiaMany happy and satisfied customers in and around India

Naturally Hand made

Products are free from preservatives, colors, flavors

No compromise in Quality

Super strong and leakproof packing delivery of product prepared from fresh and quality ingredients

Women Empowerment

Our kitchens provide employment to elderly household women

Happy and satisfied customers

All together with delicious products and fast delivery we make and keep customers happy

✔Kothimeera Cilantro Leaves Pickle Achar is made Fresh in 5 kg Batches every day, so by the time the product reaches you, its just few days old
✔ Best in Taste, Flavor, Color & Aroma
✔ No Chemicals, Preservatives, Colors makes its the best food not just 4 u but also for kids & elderly
✔ Women Rural Employment: All our pickle making units employ local women from near by villages
✔ Helping Farmers : Most of the ingredients are sourced from local farmers


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