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P-TAL Brass Roti Tawa for Cooking | Non-Stick Cookware with Ayurvedic Health Benefits | 10″ tawa/tava | Tawa for roti

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Our artisanOur artisan

P-TAL, which started as a college project, now impacts 55 families of artisans, increasing their monthly incomes by over 1200% in the last 3 years. Just like the Thatheras, P-TAL is an epitome of transforming tradition into trend while converting practice into perfection thus moulding the vessels of hope!

Make the right choicesMake the right choices

What are the fundamentals P-TAL runs on?

P-TAL runs on three fundamentals – developing an organised market to promote the craft legacy, creating designs for urban consumers and leveraging contemporary marketing to sell traditional art.

Are our products high quality?

Yes. Our handcrafted products are made up of 100% pure metals by the artisans of Jandiala Guru region in Punjab

Why we love what we do?

Eating in brass and copper vessels has been practised for years. These vessels are expensive and have lost the favour of the masses in modern times. P-TAL hopes to change that.

Why is it not tin coated? We came up with the product for making chapatis and parathas and it is completely safe to make those on it without any tin coating.
Brass & copper being good conductors of heat, when used as cookware helps you save gas. They are a smart step towards sustainability.
We saw Thatheras using brass tawas in their houses. But, we didn’t know the market potential of the product at that time. After launching it, we realised that people do love it quite a lot and it has become everyone’s favourite!
The tawa has a diameter of 10″, which is apt for making chapatis.
This tawa has turned out to be one of the favourites for our customers!


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