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ORGANIC CORIANDER/CILANTRO/DHANIA MICROGREEN SEEDS Why Microgreens?- Microgreens are veggie shoots grown from seed for just 8- 12 days! These sassy little seedlings add a burst of intense flavours, vivid colours and crisp textures that transform any meal into a nutrient-packed gourmet experience. Microgreens are easy to grow with fewer resources. Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated and Non-GMO Micrgreens Seeds. Now you can grow your own microgreens.Microgreens are packed with vitamins A, B, C, E and K and minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. All our seeds are non-treated, non-GMO, open-pollinated varieties that are safe to consume at the microgreen stage. Get one today and start adding your own microgreens to salads, smoothies, sandwiches, side dishes and more. With a strong flavor of coriander, the leaves of this microgreen are frilly and are rich in beta-carotene. A refreshing cooler for summers, Coriander microgreens grow within a time span of 14-16 days at a normal room temperature. This microgreen requires light sun and regular watering. To harvest your coriander shoots, just cut with a scissor from above the soil, without harming the roots.
HOW TO GROW MICROGREENS (READ INSTRUCTIONS FOR DETAIL) *Fill your container with cocopeat (1-2 cm deep).Add water lightly and make sure the media is moist not wet.
*Generously sprinkle seeds over coco peat and press in lightly.
*Liberally mist seeds with water and cover the container with a plastic lid.
*Sprinkle water daily (12 Hrs once) as needed to keep the seeds moist.
*After 3-4 days remove the lid to expose germinated seeds to sun light.
*Water once a day while your micro greens grow and gain color.
*After 10-12 days your micro greens should be ready to harvest.
*Read instructions given in the manual TO GET BETTER RESULTS.
*Care instructions: Take care as your child.Protect from pest and insects. *Best for planting throughout the year.
DISCLAIMER:Before ordering buyers analyse all the conditions.Because growing, flowering and fruiting are subject to many conditions like kind of soil, humidity,tempereture , water,etc., Company is not responsible for this.


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