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Keya Salt Rock Salt Grinder, Healthy Substitute to Cooking 100gm


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Rock SaltRock Salt

Rock Salt Grinder

An essential cooking ingredient with plenty of minerals, KEYA Rock Salt is an enriching ingredient and a great taste enhancer having a more concentrated flavour than normal table salt. With the grinders transparent action, you will be able to see the rock salt as it is being used.

It comes with a durable and adjustable lid that can be twisted to give different levels of texture from coarse to fine. The rock salt has a sharp, earthy and savoury flavour giving dishes a deep salty taste and tart-like aroma.


Rock SaltRock Salt

Rock saltRock salt

Rock Salt Rock Salt

In Meat and Poultry dishes

Grind it on top of meat dishes as a flavour enhancer or use it as a marinade. KEYA Rock Salt Grinder seeps deep into the flavour of the meat, which creates a delectable salty and savoury flavour.

As a preservative

The mineral components in rock salt help to maintain the quality and flavour of foods. Fort this reason, KEYA Rock Salt is an ideal preservative. Grind the rock salt on dishes as a preservative and store them away without any decline in quality

In Beverages

KEYA Rock Salt can bring a salty and savoury touch in drinks like lemonades, mocktails, cocktails, punch, fresh juices and more. Use it as a tastemaker or balancer to elevate the taste of the drinks.



Started in 2009 with a goal in mind, KEYA Food’s aims to create a new outlook for everyday food. With its products ranging from a wide variety of premium herbs, spices, seasonings, grinders, soups and pasta, the list does not stop there. Keya always endeavours to bring in new products with its own unique touch making it stand out from the competitors. Utilizing the best ingredients, the highest safety standards and automated processes thus making our product the preferred choice for home chefs all over the country.

Keya brings to you premium and fresh rock salt grinder which adds an exotic taste and flavour to your food
Air tight, adjustable and moisture resistant grinding cap
Keya brings to you premium and fresh Rock Salt Grinder which adds an exotic taste and flavour to your food.
No preservatives, no fillers, no additives, no anti-caking agents, no MSG


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