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Keya Italian Seasoning, All Natural & Healthy Italian Spice Blend for Pizza, Pasta| Glass Bottle | Premium Herbs and Spices 35gm


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A Sprinkle of Italy

Bring a little part of Italy home with the KEYA Italian seasoning. This seasoning will give a touch of sweet and sour, minty yet subtle flavour to your dishes.

The seasoning includes herbs native to the Mediterranean regions like oregano, thyme and basil. These herbs play a key element in forming Italian cuisine.

Add it to dishes like risotto, pizza, pasta, sauces, salads, roasts and it can also be used as a marinade. To use, sprinkle generously on top of your pizza and pasta to enrich the taste. It can also be used in marinating meats and poultry, seafood and vegetables.



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As a Topping

The Italian seasoning can be used as a topping on various dishes like pizzas and pasta, on soups, on seafood and meat dishes. Just add the ingredient to give it a strong yet subtle flavour.

In Pizza/ Pasta sauces

KEYA Italian Seasoning is also used for the preparation of different sauces like tomato sauces used in dishes like pizzas and pasta. By using this Italian seasoning, the aroma and flavour of the sauce will get a Mediterranean flavour

Salad Dressing

Salad being a popular dish in Italy, the Italian seasoning pairs perfectly well with any type of salads like a tomato salad, potato salad, caprese salad, fruit salad and more.

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Started in 2007 with a goal in mind, KEYA Food aims to create a new outlook for everyday food. With its products ranging from a wide variety of premium herbs, spices, seasonings, grinders, soups, and pasta, the list does not stop there. Keya always endeavors to bring in new products with its own unique touch making it stand out from the competitors. Utilizing the best ingredients, the highest safety standards, and automated processes thus making our product the preferred choice for home chefs all over the country.

All the Herbs are organically grown and Freeze dried
Used in pizza sprinkler, arrabbita pasta sauces, cheese sauce, bread, bruschetta, Italian salads, risotto, roasts, marinades, dressings and salad toppings.
Comes with easy to use 2 way flip top cap.
No preservatives, no fillers, no additives, no anti-caking agents, no MSG


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