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Himalayan Natives 100% Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Powder Pouch 1 kg | No Artificial Iodine | Unprocessed & Highly Nutritious | Rock Salt Powder | Sendha Namak

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100% Natural Black Salt Powder

Our Black Salt Powder is made using the kiln-fire method which results in the addition of nutrients.




Highest Quality Standards

Our Black Salt Powder is made with the highest quality standards to ensure the purity of each granule.

100% Pure Black Salt

Our Black Salt Powder is 100% pure black salt and is naturally procured.

Free of Chemicals

Our Black Salt Powder is free of chemicals, preservatives and any additives.


ABOUT THIS PRODUCT – Himalayan Natives 100% natural and unrefined Himalayan pink salt is nutrient-rich and way healthier than the regular table salt. Our pink salt is naturally harvested; pink salt rock crystals are found in the Himalayan region and our pink salt is directly mined from there. It consists of many trace minerals that are the main reason for the salt’s natural light pink color.
LOADED WITH MINERALS – Himalayan Natives’ 100% Natural Pink Salt contains up to 84 minerals in trace quantities. Our Himalayan pink salt powder is rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and sodium which are beneficial for overall health making it healthier than regular table salt.
HELPS IN REGULATING BLOOD SUGAR – Himalayan Natives’ 100% natural pink salt when compared to regular table salt has a lower sodium per teaspoon and a mineral-rich composition. For anyone who struggles with blood sugar problems, pink salt may be a good alternative to table salt due to the lesser content of sodium.
GOOD FOR SKIN HEALTH – Himalayan Natives’ pink salt can help improve the quality of your skin. It aids hydration, rejuvenation, and overall health through dermal absorption of minerals. For example, chromium helps prevent acne, zinc helps reduce scarring, and sulfur keeps your skin smooth. The magnesium in our Himalayan salt can aid in the relief of strained muscles and soft tissues.
HELPS BALANCE BODY pH- Sole water is an excellent way of reaping this benefit. Simply make a concentration of ¼ part pink salt and ¾ part water. Let it sit overnight. When completely dissolved, add one spoonful of this to one full glass of water and store the rest. This is known as sole water, and drinking this concoction every morning helps to maintain pH levels and flush out toxins.


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