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HARIBAS Seasonings Herbs & Spices Thyme, Basil, Chilli Flakes, Oregano & Rosemary 20gm Each | Mixed Herbs Seasonings

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seasoning powder seasoning powder

{WE BELIEVE IN QUALITY}: Haribas is known for its quality goods that are processed under supervision of experienced management. We are in the business of manufacturing happiness, marketing sweetness spreading smiles. Every smile we create reflects our experience, the quality of our product and our brand’s marketability power. We are Made in India FSSAI licensed company.
{AROMATIC AND TASTY} : Our Unique combo pack of Seasoning is the careful blend of herbs and aroma that will accent many savoury dishes with a unique combination of sweet and spicy flavour. Our Italian seasonings delivers the right taste and robust aroma by exciting your senses and surprise your taste buds with bolder, brighter, and true-to-name spices from Lean being.
{ROTATE AND SWITCH IT} : This mix herb pack is a single stop solution for all your amazing cooked exquisite dishes like a pizza, lasagne, pasta, Soup, risotto, eggs, sandwiches, garlic bread, Italian Salads, Sauces, grilled chicken even more. Our spices & herbs follow a very unique journey. They are sourced directly from the farmers and then are washed, dried, dehydrated and then controlled for humidity and temperature before packaging.
{LONG SHELF LIFE}: These tasty Seasonings will activate your taste buds and make your buds go wohow. Sprinkle them on your pizza, pasta and Maggie and give them an extra punch of amazingness. Haribas provides you with amazing long shelf life of 2 years.
{PREMIUM PACKAGING AND STORAGE}: Our product comes with pack of 5 premium tasty seasoning mix that comes in rotatable sprinkle 5-in-1 bottle container that can be stored and carried anywhere which makes it easy to store it in cool and dry place. Fits to all your kitchen shelf and cabinets this beautiful product will make all the cooking experience wonderful.
{TOTAL HERBS QUANTITY}: Basil Leaves 20grms, Thyme 20grms, Oregano 20grms, Chilli Flakes 20grms and Rosemary 20grms


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