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Carmine County All Natural Vanilla Almond Extract 30 ml


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Product Description

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A rich blend of Madagascar vanilla and almonds in the form of a liquid extract

It can be used in baking/sweets/desserts etc. An all natural way to give an amazing flavor to all your recipes. Our extract is 100% natural and does not contain alcohol/chemicals, added preservatives.


Vegan, Keto Friendly. Gluten Free, Sugar FreeMade with no alcohol. Made from natural finest grade Madagascar vanilla and almond kernels vanilla almond extractvanilla almond extract

natural extractsnatural extracts

Certified pure and natural
Made with no alcohol. Also gluten-free.
Made from natural finest grade madagascar vanilla beans and almond kernels. No chemicals or additives. Export grade extract.
Please Note: Natural extracts are generally mild in flavour and aroma. We don’t use any additives or external agents to enhance the flavour. Nut extracts are tend to be milder in flavour and aroma but work best when they are added in recipes. Although the amount used is larger in comparison to the chemical based essences and flavours but what you get is 100% pure and natural extract.; Use 3-4 tsp for 1 kg cake or as per your preference/recipe. For other recipes, adjust the amount accordingly.
Package Content: 30 Ml of All natural bourbon vanilla almond extract; Quantity: 30 Ml; Shelf Life: 730 Days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian


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