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Bagrrys Plant Based Almond Drink, Unsweetned 1l | Vegan | Gluten Free| Dairy free | No Added Sugar| Plant based milk | No Preservatives

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Bagrry’s Almond Drink is a premium nut-based beverage that offers a rich and creamy dairy-free option for individuals looking for a healthier and more sustainable alternative to traditional dairy products. By choosing Bagrry’s Almond Drink, you can enjoy a nourishing beverage that not only tastes great but also aligns with your health and sustainability goals. Say goodbye to watery alternatives and upgrade to this extra-rich almond drink for a superior experience.
Generously loaded with extra almonds: Bagrrys Almond Drink contains 70% more almonds compared to other leading almond drink brands. This abundance of almonds provides a thicker and creamier texture, delivering a truly indulgent experience.
High in calcium: Each serving of Bagrrys Almond Drink provides 15% of your daily calcium requirement. Calcium is essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth, making this beverage a nutritious choice.
Barista approved: Bagrrys Almond Drink has been projected by baristas, ensuring that it works perfectly in your coffee or frappe. It can also be seamlessly incorporated into your tea, smoothies, muesli, or granola for added flavor and creaminess.
No added sugar: This almond drink is made without any added sugar. It relies solely on the natural sweetness of almonds, making it a guilt-free option for individuals looking to reduce their sugar intake.
Creamy and smooth texture: Bagrrys Almond Drink offers a creamy, smooth, and nutty flavour in this, Bagrrys Almond Drink is dairy free milk alternative. It is crafted using the finest natural ingredients to provide a satisfying alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or have a dairy protein allergy.
No added preservatives or colors: Bagrrys Almond Drink is free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. It retains the natural goodness of almonds, ensuring a pure and wholesome beverage.
Hormone-free: This almond drink is entirely dairy-free and lactose-free. It is created with the best natural ingredients, free from any harmful additives or hormones commonly found in dairy products.


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