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Aum Fresh Chicken Grill Seasoning, 30 Gm

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Aumfresh Chicken Grill Seasoning – 100% Pure & Natural, 30 gm No artificial flavour & No preservatives Miniature Bottle is processed with unique Advanced Low Temperature Cold Dried (LTCD) technology and are marketed in Cubes, Flakes, Strips, Granules and Powder form -when compared with sun dried or freeze dried , our products are found to yield all the qualities like color, flavor, aroma, taste, rehydration, nutritional values and increased shelf life property to an unmatchable extent taking it very close to the fresh ones and makes our technology the best drying technology of the present era. Aumfresh is committed to supply quality products. It is scientifically proved that efficacy of a product is influenced by the processing environment. Aumfresh cultivates, harvests and processes its products under strict surveillance and holistic conditions. We work with thousands of small family farmers in India to cultivate thousands of acres of sustainable organic farm land. By choosing Aumfresh products you are not only getting pure solid matter but also spiritual vibrations imbibed nanoscopically during processing. Aumfresh proves itself to be your right choice.
100% Natural & Pure, No Artificial Flavour, No Addictives, No Preservatives, No MSG
Direction Of Use: Mix 1/4th cup olive oil, 2 tablespoon white wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon Chicken Grill Seasoning and ½ teaspoon Italian seasoning. Add 1 pound chicken marinated 1 to 2 hours. Grill and serve.
Uses: Marinades, Roasted Meat, Meat Balls, chicken, Roasted Potatoes. Excellent for grilled Chicken. Sprinkle on baked chips, mix with lemon juice & pour on meat balls. Can be added to meat stuffing before roasting.
Ingredients: Mustard,Onion,Garlic,Black Pepper,Paprika,Thyme,Ginger,Salt; Storage Conditions: Temperature <23°C ,Relative Humidity: 65% Max. General- Keep closed in a dry warehouse, free from infestation and not exposed to direct sunlight, Do not store adjacent to material that gives off strong odors.
Package Content: 30 gm of Chicken Grill Seasoning; Quantity: 30 gm; Shelf Life: 365 Days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian


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