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Aashirvaad Salt,with 4-Step advantage, 1kg

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Aashirvaad ensures that only good quality ingredients reach your kitchen and Aashirvaad Iodised Salt stays true to that promise. Made from natural sea salt crystals with a 4-step advantage process, Aashirvaad Iodised Salt ensures that you and your family receive pure goodness of nature, daily. Aashirvaad Iodised Salt is obtained by first, evaporating sea water or brine in shallow basins by sunlight and wind for 3 weeks. When the water evaporates, a salt bed forms at the bottom of the basin. This salt is then collected, and put through an elaborate cleansing process and finally, enriched with Iodine to take care of your family’s Iodine requirements. The moisture-proof packaging ensures a free-flowing granular form that enables easy handling as well as clean storage. Aashirvaad Iodised salt’s 4 step advantange is what gives your meals a balanced, original taste – free of any impurities. We take extra care to ensure that only quality salt reaches your home. Simply because we know that it is the only way you would have it! About Aashirvaad: Aashirvaad stands for purity, expert sourcing and quality, and believes in giving you nothing but the best. Hence the ingredients are carefully hand-picked and processed with the same love and care with which you prepare your food. Aashirvaad has a wide range of products – atta, ghee, salt, spices and instant mixes. To lock in the freshness and nutritional quality of its products, Aashirvaad uses world class packaging technology which retains the original, high quality flavour. About ITC ITC is one of India’s foremost companies with its presence in FMCG, Hotels, Packaging, Paperboards & Specialty Papers, Agri & IT Businesses. ITC Brands are designed and customized to delight diverse tastes, needs and lifestyles. With quality and innovation at the core along with contemporary packaging, customer insights and a formidable nationwide distribution network, ITC has been delighting millions of households every day since 1910. A brand that is made in India, for the world.
Aashirvaad Iodised Salt is made with the 4-step advantage process which ensures its good quality
Aashirvaad Iodised Salt is solar evaporated; sun-dried for 3 weeks and made from natural sea salt crystals to give you salt, just the way nature intended
Aashirvaad Salt is has the right amount of iodine, which is vital for healthy physical growth and brain function
The salt undergoes a 2-step cleaning process and has a moisture-proof packaging which gives it a free-flowing texture
This good quality salt ensures a balanced taste in your daily meals


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